About Us

The Red Tower

Now it’s time to introduce ourselves: we are Ernesto, Mauro, Fiorella and Rodrigo. La Torre Rossa is a small family-run business and we are proud to give you all the outcome of our work, carried on with a deep respect for our resources and in a sweet harmony with nature. Fiorella and Rodrigo are in charge of the garden, orchard and grove plantations, while Mauro and Ernesto take care of the reception and the food service. The idea of La Torre Rossa arose when Mauro decided to change his life, moving from the beautiful but chaotic Rome to the smaller and more quiet Itri, in order to live in a calmer way, in peace with nature. At the beginning, Fiorella alone was involved in the plantation, but with the renovation of the building and the start of La Torre Rossa project, the rest of the family has also been involved.

Restoration works started in the spring of 2003, after declining the ideas of people that, analysing the deterioration of the structure, the endless time needed and the high costs, suggested to build a new, modern construction, just to exploit the volume of it; but Mauro, who has always believed in the historical importance of the place, refused this possibility, preferring to carry on a conservative renovation. This choice will seem to be the perfect one in a few years, above all due to the so important historical discoveries arisen during the works.

Our working philosophy has always been related to an appreciation of products and to the uniqueness of our land, paying attention to past times and our beloved traditions, reconsidering them through an original key. We feel an intense empathy for the surrounding nature and that’s why we are respectful of its cycles and its balance. Our plantations, for example, are strictly seasonal, and we use just organic products, as the fertilizer, given by our three little donkeys Ramona, Dora and Paloma that also help us to keep the land clean. With this project, we aim to spread our knowledge and our flavours, from the Roman period until nowadays, with all the mixtures that enriched us during centuries. We would like to offer you a unique time for your senses and give you the chance to live your best experience in contact with nature, history and traditions of our territory.