Activities and surrounding areas

La torre rossa is located between Parco regionale dei monti Aurunci and the Riviera di Ulisse, along Sperlonga and Gaeta coasts. Near the sea, the mountain or the country side, you can practice several activities such as excursions, horse riding, climbing, sailing, and windsurf.

On our hills, since the times of Roman Emperor Tiberius, famous wines like cecubo and formiano have been produced. The same wines have also been celebrated from Oratio and Tito Livio. We read from many historicians anectodas about these areas and some places are just evidences of them, such as the minturno archeological site, the via Appia, the roman forum, the theatre, and the famous Tiberius villa in Sperlonga, located near the National Museum. Interesting archeological sites can also be found in Formia, Gaeta, Fondi and Terracina. Medieval Gaeta shows all the changes that have taken place so far, illustrating a rich history, mainly during Naples reign and before the official union of our peninsula.