Introduction and Products
The Red Tower's Restaurant

The cuisine at La Torre Rossa is based on typical recipes of our gulf, mixing Roman and Neapolitan traditions. It’s a simple cuisine, but it’s spiced with the fantasy of our seasonal vegetables and the “poor” fish of Gaeta’s sea. All the ingredients of our dishes come directly from our farm and the ones that are not produced here, derive form local farms that implement organic production techniques, adopting the methods of our local tradition.

All the products are instantly recognisable: olives and oil, queens and king of our land are, of course, just from Itri cultivar. Our braised meat and our Neapolitan “ragù” are certified from selected young steer raised in organic field, with organic cereal. The goat milk of our Marzoline comes from the “Cinciare Aurunche” raised in wild conditions. Our famous grass peas come from Campodimele and our lentils from Ventotene. The “poor” fish includes the typical blue fish of the “paranza” (old fishing boat), octopuses, cuttlefish, squids and seafood from the near coasts. Our wine selection is based on our local grapevines (Uvapane, Abbuoto, Moscato e Cicinieglio) and on the attentive producers that chose basic production techniques respecting the raw material, in order to revive the historical product of our territory: the well-known Cecubo and Formianum.

The Stazzo's Restaurant

The cuisine at the stazzo is different from the traditional one at La Torre. At the Stazzo you will have the chance to savour the old farmer cuisine, in which everything was cooked on fire and embers. When the sky is clear, the atmosphere is enchanting: you will feel surrounded by the starry sky and enclosed by the wonderful nature. The magic of the colours and the warmth from the fireplace draw your sight, while the perfumes of the preparations inebriate the smell.

You can try our local organic barbecued meat, our steamed vegetables soup with seafood o diary products, backed in foil fish, meat and vegetables, and all other kind of preparation that can be done directly on fire. Company and happiness are keywords, good food and the pleasure to taste it slowly sitting at your table, represents a moment of sharing and relax, contrasting with the increasingly common “fast food”.